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Get PUBG free but without the bloat

PUBG Mobile is one of the largest battle royale games on the mobile platform. Developed by the PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile first launched back in February 2018. Comparable to Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile for their battle royale game modes, it’s been downloaded 730 million times and has 30 million active players every day since December 2020. 

The problem with PUBG Mobile is that the game requires a powerful smartphone to play it. To fix that issue, PUBG Corporation released a trimmed-down version of the game called PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG made the app with the Indian and South American regions of the world in mind!

Lighter visuals for better access

The main drain on your phone’s resources playing PUBG Mobile is the graphics. To render all the battlefield chaos, the game uses a lot of your phone’s hardware to display everything. 

Since not everyone has a phone capable of doing that, the game devs designed PUBG Mobile Lite to require less hardware by reducing the graphics. The game now runs on just 2 GB of RAM and a moderate processor

The devs also cut back on the amount of storage needed to keep the game installed. PUBG Mobile Lite only requires 500 MB of storage space to install. If you compare this to PUBG Mobile, whose biggest map takes up 403 MB, it’s easy to see how huge these changes can be. 

One of the obvious differences in PUBG Mobile Lite is the color palette. Many of the colors in the Lite version of the game are duller than the main game. The textures for the environments have additionally been reduced. These textures are now less detailed than the original mobile game. 

It’s not possible to change these settings around, either. The Graphics tab in the Options menu doesn’t exist in PUBG Mobile Lite, so you’re not able to change these settings at all. In other words, the game comes with a preset look. 

However, PUBG made these changes to include those with a less powerful smartphone in the PUBG gameplay experience.

Important gameplay changes

To keep in line with PUBG Mobile Lite acting as a lighter version of the original game, you should be aware of some gameplay changes. Most of these changes center around the game’s fast-paced nature and the fact that this game was designed for less powerful smartphones. 

First of all, the shooting mechanics are a little different. Gun damage was increased overall, and bullets don’t have fall-off damage like in the original game. Ditching the bullet fall-off calculation is another way that the game looks to reduce the load on your phone’s processor to run the game. 

There were some changes to make the fights somewhat easier, too. You can heal as you move in the game, and your attacker is revealed on the minimap if they’re close to you. Combine this with the longer time to kill your opponent, and you have several gameplay changes that look to keep you in the fight a little longer. Loot drops also got increased compared to the original game. 

This game only features two server options for its player base: Asia and South America. These regions tend to have users with less powerful smartphones, so that’s why these servers exist for this game. So, if you’re looking to play on other servers, like North America or Europe, those options don’t exist for this game. 

Communication is a little tougher in this game, too. Unlike the original PUBG Mobile game, this game doesn’t have a quick chat feature. This lack of function can make talking to your teammates tougher in a gunfight. 

Summary of gameplay changes

  • Gun damage increased
  • No bullet fall off
  • Shooters revealed on minimap
  • Limited chat functions and server options

Gameplay feel

PUBG Mobile Lite tries to make this version of the game feel similar to the normal version. All of the vehicles, guns, and items you can find in the base version are available in the Lite version. That’s good news - it means you won’t have to abandon strategies you like or learn new strategies to survive the round!

Currently, the game has two game modes: Classic and Arcade. The Classic game mode is the standard battle royale gameplay you know from the normal version of the game. It features 60 players looking to fight it out for victory as the last person standing. 

The Arcade mode is a free-for-all, endless spawn-in game mode on different maps. Since there’s no main objective, this game mode is great for casual play, stress relief, or practicing your skills. 

The controls for the Lite version of the game are the same exact controls as the normal version. You move around and shoot in the same way as the original version of the game. 

However, the maps are smaller, so you should expect a faster game than the normal version of the other game. Even with the smaller number of players on the map from the base game, the small maps encourage more gunfights early. 

The developers also introduce seasonal events and updates from time to time, just like the normal version of the day. Many of these events will reward skins for your character and the guns you can find on the map. 

Most of the updates center around releasing new maps and weapons to the game and game balance changes to keep the game exciting and fresh.

A leaner, meaner game

Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite is a fun game for someone looking to get the PUBG experience for a lower hardware cost. The game design specifically caters to players with less robust phones, and some gameplay changes were done to help that fact. 

Most of these changes are good, but a few could change up the way you play. Still, if you’re looking for the PUBG experience, this game will give you that. Just be prepared for a shorter match!


  • Designed for less expensive phones
  • Less storage space required
  • Overall gameplay feel is the same
  • Available where needed
  • Receives regular updates
  • Multiple game modes


  • Less visually impressive
  • No options to change graphics
  • Gameplay can be too fast
  • Limited server choices
  • More casual gameplay design
  • Reduced chat options over original

Older versions

PUBG Mobile lite for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 0.21.0
  • 4.2
  • (65870)
  • Security Status

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